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Ricky Ledo commits to Friars

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Player of the Week

Tim AbromaitisTim AbromaitisTim Abromaitis, F, Notre Dame

After a shaky start shooting the ball, Tim Abromaitis caught fire this past week, scoring 21 points or more in three consecutive games at a 58% clip. Usually when shots start falling, confidence and general activity level start rising, which in this case lead to an average of 9 rebounds per game over his hot stretch. Abromaitis is a tough matchup for any power forward, as he makes up for his lack of strength with a smooth, comfortable outside stroke and a versatile offensive repertoire. If you appreciate white guys that can score, check out Abromaitis battle Georgetown Wednesday on ESPN2- should be a good one.


Ben Hansbrough, G, Notre Dame

Just once I want to see what the Notre Dame offense looks like when both Abromaitis and Hansbrough are on point. Ben shot a combined 3-13 from downtown this past week, which is pretty weak considering that's his primary responsibility. That's like the exterminator coming to your house and telling you he only got some of the rodents.