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December 6th

Irish get Harangody back vs. OSU

Sports Illustrated

December 5th

European Stock Watch

Fri, 12/05/2008 - 10:20am

By Borko Popic

Spanish Star Switch-eroo

Ricky Rubio 6-3 175 PG DKV Joventut (Spain) 1990

December 4th

December 3rd

Create Your Own Mock Draft

Wed, 12/03/2008 - 9:26pm

Create your own 2009 mock draft with our easy-to-use, interactive draft system and see how you compare to the actual draft in June. We'll score your mock draft and post the top winners. You'll also be able to see how you match up with consensus mock draft of the entire community. Here's how it works:

1. Search for your players
Use the search box to find a specific player by name. Or, do an "advanced search" using an * to view the entire player list.


2. Add a player to your mock pool.
Once the search results appear, simply click on the "ADD TO MY MOCK POOL" link to add a player into your pool. If your search contains more than one player, click on the column headers to sort by player name, class or position.

Add to My Mock

Players can also be added from their player profile pages by clicking on the "ADD TO MY MOCK POOL" button.

Blake Griffin

3. Drag a player from your pool into your mock.
After you've added some players to your Mock Pool, click on the My Mock menu (under "Mocks" in the main menu). To the right, you'll see your pool with the list of players you've added. On the left is the Mock Draft. To move a player from the pool into your draft, simply click and hold the mouse over the player's name, drag him into position in your mock draft, and then unclick. The player is now added to your mock draft. You can drag a player to another position within your mock draft. To delete a player, right click on your mouse.

Drag and drop

4. Come back and edit your Mock Draft as often as you like.
Up until the actual draft in June, you can come back as often as you like to make updates to your mock draft. Once the draft has occurred, your mock will be "scored" and the results posted.

Inside the College Game

Wed, 12/03/2008 - 7:15pm

By Brian Cerone

The Zags are Legit

November 29th

November 26th

Maui Invitational: Day 3 Report

Wed, 11/26/2008 - 11:13pm

By Aran Smith

In the final, North Carolina proved to be too much for a legitimate top 10 team in Notre Dame soundly beating the South Benders 102-87.

November 25th

Maui Invitational: Day 2 Report

Wed, 11/26/2008 - 12:38am

By Aran Smith

November 24th

Maui Invitational: Day 1 Report

Tue, 11/25/2008 - 12:34am

By Aran Smith

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Hoops in paradise, what more could a basketball junkie like myself ask for?