2017 Extended Mock Draft 5.0

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 10:30am
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Donovan Mitchell

Your sleeping big time on Mitchell. He may be undersized at 6-3 but he has a huge wingspan and is an athletic freak. His film reminds me allot of Dwayne Wades coming out of Marquette.

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Ivan Rabb will slow OKC down

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whoever wrote this needs to watch the sports science on Lonzo his shot is 2 tenths slower than Klay Thompson.

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Way too many Centers.

I count between 7&9 center prospects in the first round, more than the norm of 6, with Center being the least needed position right now in the nba with so many players originally drafted as 4 playing the position and so many talents available in FA or cheap trades.

It's also worth noticing that it's a position where euros/international tend to succeed more in past years, yet this first round snobs Hartenstein, Jeanne, Lessort & Pasecniks, all presumably higher upside 5 than Raab, and Lessort easy higher floor.

The talent level of the "secound rounders" at that 5 spot is probably close enough to those names that unless you are high on Giles or have your lottery pick for Collins, it's better to just wait&see who is available with your secound round pick or as an undrafted FA. Top senior wing contributors or small ball stretch 4, anybody showing potential as a classic 3&D guy should be taken before Bam Adebayo.

It's also not particularily a need for any team at the moment, and arguably any team that should want a Center could get one easily via trade or in free agency, with names like Vucevic, Okafor, Lopez, probably obtainable for a late first and hardly any team willing to spend money on Alex Len, Aaron Baynes, Tiago Splitter , all probably as cheap as first round money.

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