2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Wed, 03/16/2011 - 4:19pm

East Southwest
Ohio St. (1) Kansas(1)
ALR (16) OSU
Boston U.(16)
G.Mason (8) Nova
UNLV (8)
Villanova (9) OSU KU Illinois (9)
W.Virginia(5) UK Lou. Vandy (5)
Clemson (12) W.Virginia
Kentucky(4) Kentucky
Princeton(13) OSU Lou. Morehead St.(13)
Xavier 6) Wash. Pur. G-Town (6)
Marquette(11) Marq.
USC (11)
Syracuse (3) Syracuse
Purdue (3)
Indiana St. (14) Syracuse Pur. St. Peter's (14)
Washington(7) Wash. A&M Texas A&M (7)
Georgia (10) Washington
Florida St.(10)
Notre Dame (2)
Long Island (15)
Akron (15)
Duke (1)
Pittsburgh (1)
Hampton(16) Duke
UNCA (16)
Michigan (8) Tenn FINAL
Butler (8)
Tennessee (9) Duke
Ohio St.
Pitt Old Dominion (9)
Arizona (5) Ariz.
K St. Kansas St. (5)
Memphis(12) Arizona
Kansas St.
Utah St. (12)
Texas (4) Texas Belmont Wisconsin (4)
Oakland (13) Duke CHAMP Pitt. Belmont (13)
Cincinnati (6) SDSU Ohio State MSU St. John's (6)
Missouri (11) Missouri St. John's Gonzaga (11)
Connecticut(3) UConn BYU BYU (3)
Bucknell (14) UConn BYU Wofford (14)
Temple (7) SDSU MSU UCLA (7)
Penn. St. (10) Temple Mich.St. Mich.St. (10)
San Diego St. (2) SDSU Florida Florida (2)
No.Colorado(15) UCSB (15)
West Southeast Staff Picks

NCAA Champion Runner up Final Four Final Four Sleeper
Aran Smith Ohio State Pittsburgh SDSU Louisville Michigan St.
Adi Joseph Ohio State Kansas St. Duke Louisville Michigan St.
Jon Wasserman Duke Kansas Ohio State Florida Kansas State
Mike Misek Ohio State Kansas Duke Florida Old Dominion
Tyler Ingle Ohio State Kansas Duke Wisconsin St. John's
Eric Guilleminault Kansas Duke UNC UCLA Washington
Josh Cochran Ohio State Kansas Pitt Texas Utah State
Joel Steiner Ohio State Pitt Duke Purdue Xavier
Nick Prevenas Ohio State Kansas UConn Pitt Michigan St.
Jeff Lockard Ohio State Kansas UConn Pitt Washington
Dan Kirby Ohio State Kansas Duke Kansas State Louisville

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Really surprised by the

Really surprised by the Louisville picks.

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Louisville can cause kansas

Louisville can cause kansas to turnover more than average (kansas isn't exactly a fantastic ballhandling team, although its still pretty decent) and though louisville is undersized and pretty much suck at rebounding compared to kansas, its not as though kansas has a ton of post offence. the morris twins are more comfortable playing away from the basket (you could probably argue they're more like NBA small forwards)

I guess you also could argue that kansas' round of 32 possible opponents (UNLV can get hot behind the arc although they haven't done that in a long while.. and Illinois if clicking on all cylinders, well.. mainly if demetri is playing well) are tougher than louisville's so its possible that louisville has a higher chance to be in the sweet 16 as well. Not to say that richmond or vandy doesn't stand a chance, they could get hot behind the arc as well but we're all playing with probabilities in the tourney anyways.

I might take purdue over louisville though if it comes to that matchup in the elite 8 though.

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Usually if I get through the first Thursday and Friday with all my Final 4 teams alive, I am happy. Better luck next year, Aran.

Johnny Chill
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ugly just ugly

Your entire right side of the bracket is done!!! No teams in the elite 8.

At least you still got Ohio St alive, no Syracuse and no UW either. Geez.

Hopefully Duke and SDSU can save you from complete shame.

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