2009 NBA Draft: Early Entry Page

Mon, 04/20/2009 - 9:36am

Here is's 2009 early entry page. With so many underclassmen potentially declaring, there are sure to be players that expect to get into the first round that fall into the second round (non-guaranteed contract). As with many drafts, there will likely be a group of underclassmen "playing chicken" up until the early entry withdrawal date. Check back as this page will be continuously updated with early entry decisions and projections on where prospects will be going in the draft.

*Underclassmen have until April 26 (11:59 p.m. ET) to declare themselves eligible for the draft. Provided they don't sign with an agent, they have until June 15 (5:00 p.m. ET) to withdraw their names.

Officially Declared

Dominique Archie 6-7 200 SF South Carolina Jr. Testing the process without signing an agent. Small forward with solid length and agility. Already the age of a senior. Unlikely to be drafted.
DeJuan Blair 6-6 287 PF Pittsburgh So. It's hard to imagine Blair increasing his stock much after such a tremendous season. Blair has hired an agent ending any chances of returning to Pitt. A likely mid-first rounder.
Derrick Brown 6-8 220 SF Xavier Jr. With Sean Miller bolting for Arizona, Brown has decided to test the draft and may stay in. He's an intriguing wing due to his length but still raw skill wise. A possible late first rounder.
Chase Budinger 6-7 215 SG Arizona Jr. Had a tremendous season and finished the season strong, something he struggled with in the past. His game has shown solid improvement in all areas. A likely lottery to top 20 pick.
Nick Calathes 6-5 185 PG Florida So. Has received some hype but scouts feel he lacks the speed, quickness and athleticism to defend at the point guard position. He's intriguing due to his shooting stroke and size as a playmaker. Likely mid 2nd rounder.
Earl Clark 6-10 220 SF Louisville Jr. Will forego his senior year. Clark is seen as a lottery pick due to his considerable upside.
Dwayne Collins 6-8 240 PF Miami Jr. Collins is a raw, long athlete with potential to be a first rounder next year, but most likely is too far away to be anything but a flyer in the second round this year. Testing the process, likely to return.
Brandon Costner 6-8 220 SF NC State Jr. Had a strong freshman season but took a backseat to JJ Hickson as a sophomore. He's got good strength, a large wingspan, and scoring ability but struggled to break out as a junior. His lack of foot speed limits his ability to play on the perimeter. A possible late 2nd rounder, but likely goes undrafted.
Stephen Curry 6-1 180 PG Davidson Jr. Had a strong junior year showing the ability to play some point guard, however he didn;t get a chance to showcase himself in March as Davidson fell short of the tournament. A likely late lotto to mid first round pick.
Vladimir Dasic 6-10 220 SF Montenegro 1988 Has entered his name in the draft. There's a good chance he will remain in the draft. A likely second rounder.
Bryan Davis 6-9 230 PF Texas A&M Jr.  Did not have a strong junior season after showing nice development in his first two years at Texas A&M. Has not hired an agent. Likely to go undrafted if he remains in draft. Most likely pulls his name out.
Austin Daye 6-10 200 SF Gonzaga So. Testing the process and will not hire an agent. A likely second rounder. Lacks great strength and has not developed into a consistent enough player to get interest in the late first round.
Demar DeRozan 6-6 210 SG USC Fr. Will declare and sign an agent. Considered a virtual lock to be a lottery pick with a chance to go in the first half of the lottery (top 7).
Eric Devendorf 6-4 190 PG/SG Syracuse Jr. Has entered and word is he will sign with an agent. Unlikely to be drafted.
Devan Downey 5-8 170 PG S.Carolina Jr. Downey has entered but will not hire an agent. Unlikely to be drafted.
Wayne Ellington 6-5 194 SG UNC Jr. Like his teammate Ellington, the Final Four MVP's stock has seen a boost. A possible late lotto to mid-frst rounder.
Chinemelu Elonu 6-9 240 PF Texas A&M Jr. Very long and agile, a project who isn't ready. Likely returns to school as he would be a late second rounder at best.
Tyreke Evans 6-6 220 SG Memphis Fr. Evans had a strong finish to the year and while he's not for everyone, he's a household name with obvious talent and potential. Reke will likely will go somewhere in the mid-late first round. Announced that he will stay in the draft.
Jonny Flynn 6-0 186 PG Syracuse So. Flynn is less polished but has more potential than UNC PG Ty Lawson. A likely lottery pick who has decided to hire an agent.
Taj Gibson 6-9 223 PF USC Jr. A bubble first rounder. He's older so there's a sense of urgency to go now, plus he had a good season.It will likely depend how many underclassmen stay in and how he works out, but most likely an early second rounder.
Blake Griffin 6-9 252 PF Oklahoma So. Griffin announced he is entering the draft and hiring an agent. The consensus #1 pick.
Daniel Hackett 6-5 195 PG USC Jr. Will enter and sign an agent. Considered a possible second rounder, but probably goes undrafted. If he is unable to make an NBA team he has a nice career in Italy waiting for him.
Luke Harangody 6-7 244 SF Notre Dame Jr. Will test the process. Lacks an NBA position at 6-7 and without speed for the perimeter or size in the paint. However some scouts actually like him. Unlikely to be anything higher than a mid second rounder though.
James Harden 6-5 220 SG Arizona St. So. Harden didn't finish the year strong with 2 disappointing tourney performances. He has slipped to some degree because of it. However with a weak draft class, he remains a likely top 5-10 pick.
Paul Harris 6-4 230 SF Syracuse Jr. Will likely hire an agent which is a mistake as his chances of being drafted this year are low and returning would have been his best option. Still has a ways to go skill wise.
Gerald Henderson 6-4 210 SG Duke Jr. Henderson entered his name in the draft. Considered likely to sign an agent. A likely late lotto to mid first rounder.
Jordan Hill 6-10 226 PF Arizona Jr. Hill announced he will enter the draft. Will hire an agent. Likely top 5 pick.
Jrue Holiday 6-3 205 PG/SG UCLA Fr. Came into the season with huge hype but left people wondering what all the fuss was about. Obviously has great size for the PG position, if in fact he's a point guard. Pundits have long hyped him in a similar, almost programmed fashion, but for someone that was supposed to be polished entering college ball, he looked downright awful at times and never took over or dominated. Pac-Ten writers and insiders all think he's overrated. The early lottery projections were way off, and the DWade and Westbrook comparisons are a farce. With all the early entry candidates, Holiday is no lock for the first round and should return to school and prove himself by running the point guard position for UCLA next season. The UCLA system constrains statistics, but by leaving now, after such an average year, it makes it appear as if he has something to hide. Likely late first to early second rounder.
Damion James 6-8 225 SF Texas Jr. It was uncertain if he would enter. James has standout athleticism and had a good but not great season. He showed an imprvoing mid range jumpshot which might be enough to get him into the first round. He will probably look for some type of assurance that he'll be taken in the first round. Likely late first rounder.
James Johnson 6-8 235 SF WF So. Johnson has long been said to be entering. He's highly skilled for a sophomore and should bring an NBA team immediate help. He's the age of a senior so many don't feel he's making a mistake by entering this year. He's got a good chance to land in the first round after an excellent sophomore season, though nothing is guarunteed. Will hire an agent. A likely mid-to-late first rounder.
Mac Koshwal 6-9 235 PF DePaul So. DePaul's athletic forward has some raw talent but still has a ways to go and needs to find a position. He's lacking the strength to play inside and the skills to play on the perimeter. Shows some promise but unlikely to get anything more than a sniff in the late second round. Probably does the wise thing and returns to school.
Gani Lawal 6-9 233 PF Georgia Tech So. Will not immediately sign an agent leaving the option to return but is expected to stay in the draft. A likely mid-late first rounder.
Ty Lawson 6-0 195 PG UNC Jr. Big tourney and national championship boosts his stock. Likely late lotto to mid first rounder.
Milan Macvan 6-9 245 PF Serbia 1990 Had a nice performance in the Nike Hoop Summit. An excellent European player but lacks great athleticism and upside. Second round to undrafted and probably withdraws his name.
Ater Majok 6-8 205 SF UConn RSFr. A wildcard. Likely ends up pulling out but those around UConn claim he's a real talent. Without a year in college, however, it's unlikely a team would spend a first rounder on him.
Boban Marjanovic 7-4 273 C Serbia 1988 Interesting player. Put his name in the draft. Likely second rounder with some intrigue as a late first rounder. May end up pulling out and waiting until he's automatically eligible next year.
Jodie Meeks 6-4 197 SG Kentucky Jr. Won't hire an agent leaving the possibility of retuning. Whether or not he can improve upon his draft stock is questionable. A possible late second rounder.
Patrick Mills 5-11 172 PG St. Mary's So. Entering without hiring an agent. His performance in Beijing raised a lot of eyebrows. Injury and missing part of the season puts first round in question but likely would get in if he elects to stay in draft.
Tasmin Mitchell 6-6 230 SF LSU Jr. Had a bounce back junior season but still unlikely to be drafted. Wont hire an agent leaving the option to return.
BJ Mullens 7-0 275 C Ohio St. Fr. Came into the season as a projected top 5 pick and still possesses a lot of potential. However he was a big disappointment this season showing a lack of fire and raising question marks about his passion for the game. Some wondered if his lack of playing time was an effort by OSU to get him to return, but scouts feel it was his lack of work habits that was the main cause. He's in the draft and projected as a likely mid first rounder, but then again we all saw what happened to DeAndre Jordan last year. Likely mid first rounder.
Tim Ohlbrecht 6-11 235 PF Germany 1988 Athletic bigman has entered his name. Some teams are interested in the second round. Will be automatically eligible next year but may elect to leave his name in.
Patrick Patterson 6-8 232 PF Kentucky So. Testing the waters without hiring an agent. He's a little undersized or he would be a lottery pick. Patterson is a likely mid-late first rounder.
Fernando Raposo 6-9 215 SF France 1989 Long Portuguese guy playing in France but lacks a position, and still raw. Likely pulls out as there's a strong likelihood he would go undrafted.
Scottie Reynolds 6-2 185 PG Villanova Jr. Might have his best opportunity to get drafted this year after his dramatic shot against Pitt, then again might be best advised to get his degree before pursuing a basketball career.
Ricky Rubio 6-4 180 PG Spain 1990 Spanish Newspaper Marca reported today that Rubio will enter his name in the draft. A top 5 pick, who probably goes 2 or 3. It is still up in the air whether he will stay in the draft.
Donald Sloan 6-3 195 SG Texas A&M Jr. Sloan averaged 11 ppg game last year. His chances of being drafted are just a little better than Lil Romeo's, and he's not even in the draft. Unlikely to see many workouts with teams (possibly the Texas teams), but maybe a few teams will take note of his name for next year.
Tyler Smith 6-7 220 SF Tennessee Jr. Possible late first rounder. Will test the process without hiring an agent leaving the option to return to Tennessee.
DaJuan Summers 6-8 225 SF G'town Jr. Summers is a likely late first rounder who struggled mightily down the stretch. He's an above average athlete with solid shooting ability but could get caught up in a numbers game and slip some with so many potential underclassmen entering. He has opted to sign with an agent before seeing where he stands. Likely mid-late first round.
Jeff Teague 6-1 180 PG Wake Forest So. Struggled late in the year but had such a tremendous first half it should carry him into the first round. Will wait to sign with an agent. Likely mid to late first rounder.
Hasheem Thabeet 7-3 265 C UConn Jr. Made a great decision returning twice to develop his skills. Likely top 5 pick.
Dar Tucker 6-3 200 SG DePaul So. Will not hire an agent leaving the possibly to return to DePaul. Tucker is an explosive athlete but is a small 2-guard and is unlikely to be selected in this year's draft.
Jarvis Varnado 6-9 210 PF Miss.St. Jr. Entering without hiring an agent. Still very raw and weak physically but has a lot of potential with his length and shot blocking ability. A bubble first rounder who likely will return to school unless he gets assured of being a first rounder (unlikely).
Greivis Vasquez 6-6 190 PG Maryland Jr. Vasquez has a shot to be drafted. He may or may not stay in the draft. Had some big perforamnces including leading Maryland over UNC. Big International combos have not had great success in the NBA lately and his game may translate better to European ball.
Michael Washington 6-10 239 PF Arkansas Jr. Entering but will not hire an agent. Had a breakout season, but not enough to push him into the first round. A likley mid-second round pick
Jeremy Wise 6-2 165 PG Southern Miss Jr. A lead guard with solid size and agility. Testing the process. Still raw and considered likely to go undrafted.
Nic Wise 5-10 190 PG Arizona So. Will test the draft without hiring an agent. Unlikely to be drafted. Likely will return.

Likely to Enter

Omri Casspi 6-8 220 SF Israel 1988
Brandon Jennings 6-1 170 PG USA 1989

50/50 to Enter

Rodrigue Beaubois 6-3 180 PG France 1988
Rodrick Flemings 6-6 220 SF Hawaii Jr.
AJ Ogilvy 6-10 250 C Vanderbilt So.

Returning (or likely to return)

Solomon Alabi 7-0 224 C Florida St. So.  
Cole Aldrich 6-10 250 PF/C Kansas So.  
James Anderson 6-6 195 SG Oklahoma St. So.  
Luke Babbitt 6-7 220 SF Nevada Fr.  
Trevor Booker 6-7 245 PF Clemson Jr.  
Craig Brackins 6-9 230 PF Iowa St. So.  
Da'Sean Butler 6-7 205 SF W. Virginia Jr.  
William Buford 6-5 185 SG Ohio State Fr.  
Patrick Christopher 6-5 200 SG Cal. Jr.  
Victor Claver 6-9 236 SF Spain 1988  
Sherron Collins 5-11 180 PG Kansas Jr.  
Ed Davis 6-9 225 PF North Carolina Fr.  
Jerome Dyson 6-3 185 PG/SG UConn Jr.  
Devin Ebanks 6-8 205 SF West Virginia Fr.  
Al-Farouq Aminu 6-9 210 SF Wake Forest Fr.  
Vitor Faverani 7-0 240 PF Brazil 1988  
Paul George 6-7 190 SG/SF Fresno St. Fr.  
Marcus Ginyard 6-5 218 SG UNC RSSr.  
Jerome Jordan 7-1 235 C Tulsa Jr.  
Dwight Lewis 6-7 210 SF USC Jr.  
Greg Monroe 6-10 234 PF Georgetown Fr. Georgetown says Monroe to stay for sophomore year. Link
Raymar Morgan 6-7 210 SF Michigan St. Jr.  
Donatas Motiejunas 7-0 224 PF Lithuania 1990  
Arinze Onuaku 6-10 260 PF/C Syracuse Jr.  
Dexter Pittman 6-10 290 C Texas Jr. Pittman defers NBA Draft for a year. Link
Paulao Prestes 6-10 270 PF/C Brazil 1988  
JP Prince 6-6 205 SG Tennessee Jr.  
Miroslav Raduljica 7-0 240 C Serbia 1988  
Stanley Robinson 6-8 220 SF UConn Jr.  
Alexey Shved 6-6 178 PG Russia 1988  
Kyle Singler 6-8 220 SF Duke So.  
Deon Thompson 6-8 240 PF UNC Jr.  
Evan Turner 6-5 185 SG Ohio St. So. Turner To Return For Junior Season. Link
Edwin Ubiles 6-6 199 SG Siena Jr.  
Kemba Walker 5-11 180 PG UConn Fr.  
Willie Warren 6-4 195 PG Oklahoma Fr. Warren won't enter NBA draft. Link
Artem Zabelin 7-1 210 SF/PF Russia 1988  
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Jonny Flynn

I hear he's returning..

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Brandon Costner

Costner, last Tuesday told ESPN he will enter the draft. Ricky Rubio is also likely to do so also.

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BJ Mullens - Are You Kidding?

I heard a lot about him coming out of high school, and based upon what I read, I somehow expected him to have a far better season than Koufas did his freshman year. However, when I saw him play at Ohio State, I immediately realized he was totally lost out on the court. I'm not saying he doesn't have the physical ability, but he's certainly lacking big time on knowledge of the game. He hardly gets important playing time on his college team. So in my opinion, he isn't even ready for the Big Ten, let alone the NBA.

Any NBA team that drafts him in the first round will be throwing away a valuable draft choice. However, we all know that NBA GMs aren't exactly known for making good decisions, and anyone who drafts him, will be next on a long line of dumb draft choices made by overpaid and unqualified NBA GMs.

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BJ Mullens

I heard Mullens was in a tough spot, and that his family is suffering financially, so it makes sense for him to declare. Similar spot that Fransisco Garcia was in a few years ago.

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Devendorf / Harris

Devendorf and Harris have both declared. Why aren't they listed?

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Rumor has it Brackins is

Rumor has it Brackins is wavering his options and is now 50/50

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sherron collins has announced he is coming back to kansas

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Few More Names

Stephen Curry, Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson, and Greivis Vasquez all declared today. Also if I remember correctly Tyler Smith declared too.

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Another Name

Ater Majok outta UConn declared last night. Hes just testing the waters and will return and be a UConnvict again next year.

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