2009 NBA Draft: Shooting Guards

Thu, 06/25/2009 - 3:01am
This year's point guard class is a strong one with a number of potential stars and good depth. While not as deep as the point guards, this class

1. James Harden 6-5 222 SG Arizona St. So.

James HardenJames Harden His stock took a slight hit down the stretch of the season, but we should not forget that aside from Griffin, he was arguably the second best college player all season taking the Arizona State program to new heights. The questions about his size and athleticism have been answered with his surprising measurements at the combine. He may not have the ceiling that some other players in this draft have, but he is one of the few prospects that is NBA ready right now and can be expected to contribute immediately. His outside shot has shown improvement, but he will need to continue working on attacking with his weak hand.

2. DeMar DeRozan 6-7 211 SG USC Fr.

Struggled for most of the season, but had a good finish to the year where he showed glimpses of the things that were expected of him coming in. In terms of getting out on the break and finishing plays, there aren't many players that can rival him, but in terms of his overall game, he still has plenty to work on. His outside shot was almost nonexistent and aside of hitting the occasional midrange shot, DeRozan has yet to show that he has any sort of consistency. However, his biggest weakness right now is his game off the dribble; if he can catch and go, making one move he is pretty dangerous, but if he is forced to make a secondary move or to attack a set defender he becomes uncomfortable. Due to his size and athleticism he may have the highest ceiling at the position, but he will need time to develop before he becomes a player that can contribute on a regular basis.

3. Gerald Henderson 6-5 215 SG/SF Duke Jr.

Had a solid year where he was able to show an improved jumpshot as well as the ability to attack off the dribble. He is an athletic specimen and is not afraid to showcase his explosiveness by attacking the basket with regularity. Coming from Duke, some question his ability to play the NBA game, but he proved that he can operate in ISO situations as well in a pick and roll setting. He measured at 6'5 in shoes, which is not the greatest size for an SG, but with a 6'10 wingspan and his leaping ability he should be able to compensate without too many problems. He has solid upside plus the ability to step in and perform immediately.

4. Wayne Ellington 6-5 202 SG North Carolina Jr.

Made a good choice by coming back for his Jr season. A lot of his weaknesses were exposed last year at the Orlando Pre Draft Camp where he struggled getting his shot off as well as defending the bigger athletes. This year he played well throughout, but came on even stronger during the NCAAs where his play earned him MVP of the tournament. He is one of the best shooters in the class, but has also added some game off the dribble which will allow him to create opportunities for himself. He is still not the most complete one on one player and may struggle to defend because of his light frame, but if he is put in the right system then he could become a very good addition.

5. Tyreke Evans 6-5 221 SG Memphis Fr.

Played on and off the ball all season long, but showed the most potential when he was the primary ball handler. At this point he still looks more suited to play the two, but in the right system he could be both a scorer and a facilitator. He has a nice feel for the game and his excellent handle and foots speed allow him to get by people and get into the lane. Measured at 6'5 but his 6'11 wingspan allows him to play much bigger and it also makes up for some of his athletic shortcomings. His jumpshot is still a work in progress, as both his form and release need to be tweaked in order for him to become a more consistent shooter. He has gotten used to having the ball in his hands for the majority of the game, but he will need to become more comfortable operating without the ball and by using screens. He has a lot of tools to bring to the table, but he may need a few years before he is truly ready.

6. Terrence Williams 6-6 213 SG/SF Louisville Sr.

Physically and athletically he is as ready as anyone at the position to contribute on the top level. He is the type of player that will not overwhelm in any particular aspect, but he can bring a variety of things to the table. He is not the greatest outside threat, but he can definitely knock down the open jumper and he can do a little bit off the dribble. As a passer he is also very good, because he has good vision, but he is also very unselfish and looks to get teammates involved. If he is asked to create for himself or for teammates in ISO and end of clock situations, he is not the right player for that, but if he is put in a spot where he can do a little bit of everything using his athleticism, energy and passing ability, then he can be very valuable. TWill could be the 5th player off this list taken in the lottery.

7. Chase Budinger 6-7 206 SG/SF Arizona Jr.

He is the type of player who will never be a star, but he can do enough to be a key role guy on a successful team. He has become a more consistent shooter, and can comfortably knock down shots coming off screens, spotting up and some off the dribble. His game IQ is also very high and he understands where people are, which helps him as a passer. In terms of leaping ability, he is in the upper echelon, but his slow feet make it difficult for him to ever get a clear path to the basket where he can showcase his athleticism. Off the dribble he struggles because defenders can stay in front due to his slow first step. Overall, he has good size and an improving body, but his mediocre quickness and limited perimeter game will make it hard for him to ever become a go-to scorer.

8. Jermaine Taylor 6-5 207 SG Central Florida Sr.

Has been under the radar for the duration of his career, but a big Sr. season and a good showing at Portsmouth (predraft camp) have put Taylor on the fringe of the 1st round. He has a finely chiselled body and more than enough athleticism to battle with the guards on the next level. His shot has improved, and he has become very good at using screens to set his shots up. Off the dribble he still needs work as he is uncomfortable attacking quicker players, or when he is forced to make counter moves. Slightly under 6'5 with shoes, he is a bit undersized, but he has a near 6'9 wingspan and a 37' max vert to compensate. His shot has been on and off all season, but if he can continue to add consistency he has a chance to become a reliable scorer.

9. Dionte Christmas 6-5 211 SG Temple Sr.

A natural scorer who can fill it up from outside as well as with the drive. He is not the most athletic player, but knows how to play the game and is a natural scorer which allows him to get by people regardless. He understands the game as well as what he can and cannot do, therefore he is very good at taking what the defense gives him rather than forcing the action. He may not have played at the top collegiate level, but for 3 straight seasons he was the go to scorer and he performed on a consistent basis. His limitations are obviously his explosiveness and the fact that he relies on the outside shot way too much, but with his maturity and scoring ability he can be a nice addition for someone.

10. Marcus Thornton 6-4 194 SG LSU Sr.

He lacks the size and the ability to get by people off the dribble, but as a shooter he is as dangerous as anyone in this draft class. He needs minimal separation to release his shot, and his range goes well out to the NBA 3. Coming out of JUCO, he was strictly an outside gunner, but in his last season at LSU he became better at attacking the closeouts and doing some damage off penetration. At the next level, his size and athletic limitations may make it difficult for him to create for himself, but being such a versatile shooter, he could become a specialist and a key piece to a winning team.

Honorable Mention:

Antonio Anderson, Michael Bramos, Josh Carter, Lewis Clinch, Lee Cummard, Mamadi Diane, Weyinmi Efejuku, Courtney Fells, Alonzo Gee, Sergii Gladyr, Terrel Harris, David Huertas, Markel Humphrey, Aaron Jackson, Stefon Jackson, Wesley Matthews, Jack McClinton, Jerel McNeal, Jodie Meeks, KC Rivers, Mike Rose, Alex Ruoff, Josh Shipp, Kyle Spain, Milenko Tepic, Dar Tucker, Robert Vaden, Lorrenzo Wade

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I like Evans over Ellington personally. More upside, better size, more all-around skills.

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