2008 Extended Mock Draft: Vol 2.3

Thu, 06/26/2008 - 10:01am


This year's draft is one of the most difficult ever to project because there are so many unknowns with regard to trades taking place at the top of the draft, beginning with the 2nd pick, down through the lottery and into the late first round. Look for a number of trades to go down changing the expected course of events throughout the draft.


Derrick Rose
The Bulls have yet to make any official decision, but indications continue to build that they will opt for the ultra-athletic local floor general. Rose is the type of franchise PG that teams dream of obtaining.

Michael Beasley
Odds are this pick will be traded as South Beach and Beasley might not be a great fit. Seattle, and Memphis are both pushing hard to move up for Beasley, with Wilcox and Conley being dangled along with their picks. Riley is targeting Mayo and weighing what he can get in return in a deal.

OJ Mayo
Riley and McHale are playing a game of chicken. The Heat would like to nail down a trade with Minnesota, who has no need for Mayo but are leveraging him to limit their losses in a 2 for 3 swap. They could reach a deal with Miami, or decide to call Miami's bluff. There's a chance the T-Wolves will opt for Love with their pick which would send a huge ripple effect through the rest of the picks. New York is also trying to move up for Mayo so a trade down to 6 is a possibility. Minny holds a lot of the cards in this year's draft.

Brook Lopez
Unless a deal is made it looks as though GM Sam Presti will go safe and take the bigman from Stanford. This is probably a little high for Lopez, but Presti figures he can opt to hit singles after knocking it out of the park last year.
Jerryd Bayless
The Grizzlies are talking to a number of teams about moving out of this pick. With a glut of point guards, Bayless doesn't make a lot of sense, but indications are strong that another team will end up moving into this pick. If the Blazers are able to deal with Memphis with their 13, 27, Outlaw and cash (possibly taking on Brian Cardinal's ridiculous contract), look for them to take Gallinari here. Westbrook was the player they were initially targeting with this deal, but Gallinari might end up enticing them enough to make the deal.

Russell Westbrook
As of this morning the Knicks were debating among 6 players (conceding that Rose, Beasley and Mayo had no chance to fall to them) The six in play for them are Westbrook, Bayless, Gallinari, Alexander, Gordon, and Love. The Knicks may ultimately opt for Gallinari, but odds are Westbrook will end up going between 4-7, and is high on the Knicks list.
Eric Gordon
The Clippers would like Westbrook but will settle for Gordon. The Clippers had a 2009 protected first rounder on the table to move up 3 spots to get for Westbrook, but apparently the trade has been nixed.

Joe Alexander
Alexander's background growing up in China and having learned Mandarin is an interesting twist of fate if he ends up playing alongside Yi. Alexander is a premiere athlete with a high motor and character.

Kevin Love
The Bobcats are very high on Love who would fit into Larry Brown's system well. Love is not a lock here, but is one of the more NBA ready prospects, which fits into their drafting strategy.

Danilo Gallinari
Gallinari's agent Arn Tellum has a strong relationship with the Knicks so 6 is a possibility, but 10 would work as well as the Nets are heading to NYC and the plan is to market the Italian outside of the basketball world.

Anthony Randolph
With the Pacers acquiring Ford, Augustin no longer looks like a target for them. Randolph is about as un-ready to come into the NBA as it gets but for a team like Indiana looking long term, he offers a nice option. The growing notion is that Randolph is a skinny four, but in reality he is a lanky 3. He has solid ball handling and the type of foot speed that would make Kevin Durant lethal. Indiana's top 3 players are small forwards, then again Atlanta stockpiled small forwards for a number of years and appears to be in better shape than Indiana currently.

DJ Augustin
Augustin has been linked to Indiana, however his size is still seen as a concern by a number of teams. The Kings have a lot of needs, but without their former floor general Mike Bibby point guard may be the most glaring.

Brandon Rush
Portland is attempting to move up for either Augustin or Gallinari. Rush can defend and shoot and should give an instant contribution. The Blazers are looking to contend and add pieces ready to contribute. Rush has the defensive ability and outside shooting to help the Blazers on the wing.

Kosta Koufos
The W's are likely to go big, bit just how big is the question. Some interesting options are sure to be available at their pick and while all come with varying levels of risk and ability, they will target speed and offense. Koufos isn't the most fleet of foot, but his size, versatility and scoring potential make him very intriguing. With his tremendous speed, Arthur remains an intriguing possibility for them.

Mario Chalmers
Chalmers could go as high as 11 to Indiana and recently had very solid workouts with Indiana, Sacramento and Portland. While he lacks the point guard skills of Augustin, his size, 6'8 wingspan and clutch ability, as seen in the title game, will likely make him a top 20 pick. His defense is just what the doctor ordered backing up Nash.

Marreese Speights
Speights is far from a finished product and a bit of a risk, but his combination of size and touch makes him very intriguing. The Sixers are targeting a post player with their mid-first rounder.
DeAndre Jordan
Jordan's representation hopes to see him go 16 or 17, otherwise the bottom could drop out as there is no real safety net in place. Jordan is such a project that many teams are shying away from him and he has fallen from a once projected lottery pick to a likely mid-to-possible-late first rounder. The Toronto and Indiana deal involving O'Neal and Ford appears to be done, and it appears this pick will end up in the hands of Indiana.

Roy Hibbert
Hibbert is the yin to Jordan's yang. He's a senior with limited risk and reward. As a local guy, the Wizards have a good feel for Hibbert and think he can help to solidify their frontcourt.
Darrell Arthur
Arthur is yet another upside pick who may slip some due to teams trepidation about player's readiness. Arthur is a thin big forward with excellent length and a promising offensive touch. Cleveland might not have time to wait for him, but he would offer an athletic building block for the team's front court. Arthur's chances of getting into the lottery appear to be fading as a report surfaced on ESPN about medical red flags some teams have cited regarding his kidney and leg (an injury that he played the entire season with).

Robin Lopez
There's speculation that Robin will be taken as high as the late lottery after receiving an invite to the green room along with his brother. While he's still raw, he's a surer pick than a number of other underclassmen as he has some NBA skills already with his rebounding and shot blocking ability. The Bobcats need help in the frontcourt and he's more ready than most of the other options.

JaVale McGee
McGee is a slider who could go as high as late lotto, and could fall well beyond the 21st pick. He's got a lot of potential, but unfortunately right now that's all he has. His decision to not work out for a number of teams in the mid-first round may cost him.

Donte Greene
Greene could go as high as late lotto and there are rumors that teams could be moving up to grab him. But his workouts haven't been sensational and he could slide as far as here. Orlando could use his shooting ability, even though he's not a shooting guard, the position they covet.

Jason Thompson
Thompson is one of a few players the Jazz are considering. They are targeting an NBA ready frontcourt guy, so players such as Ryan Anderson, and Roy Hibbert (if available) also make sense.

Nicolas Batum
After his heart issues there were some reports that Batum could fall into the second round, which would be pure insanity. Batum has the potential to end up a top 10 player from this year's draft. Even though the team to be named later is in good shape on the wing, they might have a hard time passing if he's available at their pick.
Chris Douglas-Roberts
The Rockets are targeting a 2-guard and CDR would it in perfectly with his polished game. He could benefit from teams looking for players as opposed to prospects and might find a spot 5-10 spots higher. He's got "old man" skills and would be a great fit developing beside Roy and company.

Ryan Anderson
Teams love Anderson's shooting ability and NBA readiness, despite being just a sophomore. Anderson is an inside outside guy who could surprise in his rookie year, and could help spread the floor playing alongside Timmay.

Note: Serge Ibaka's agent sent an e-mail to teams explaining that he had a four-year deal with two-year NBA out, meaning it would be difficult to come to the league if restricted to first-round salary scale. If he's taken in the second round he could sign for a higher amount and afford the buyout.

Alexis Ajinca
The Blazers are at it again using Paul Allen's deep pockets to add picks in exchange for cash. An excellent move as there's sure to be a huge surprise that will be available to them here. Ajinca has a lot of hype around him right now and has even been mentioned as a possible late lottery pick. But his skill level is about even with some of the rawest freshmen in this year's class. Averaging less than 5 points per game in the French league is no way to prove that your game is NBA ready. Ajinca has put some weight on, but will he ever realize his potential?
28. JJ Hickson
Hickson is undersized at 6'8 but has a lot of hype behind him after a solid freshman season and could ride it into the first round. The Grizzlies ned help in the frontcourt and Hickson is further along physically than the average freshman.

Nathan Jawai
The sour taste in Joe Dumars mouth after the Darko debacle is finally dissipating so a late first round International pick like Jawai is a possibility. Jawai had a workout in New York in front of roughly 8 teams with Detroit being one of them and scouts came away impressed. Was it enough to get into the first round is the question.

Omer Asik
With PJ Brown reaching the end of the line, Asik could help add depth to the C's frontcourt. Leaving Asik in Europe would also help the C's avoid a late first round salary.
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My Mock (Why am I posting it, no one can see it)

2008 NBA Mock Draft

1. Chicago Bulls—Derrick Rose, PG Memphis
2. Miami Heat—Michael Beasley, F Kansas State
3. Minnesota Timberwolves—O.J. Mayo, G USC
4. Seattle/OKC Sonics—Jerryd Bayless, G Arizona
5. Memphis Grizzlies—Eric Gordon, SG Indiana
6. New York Knicks—Danilo Gallinari, SF Italy
7. Los Angeles Clippers—Kevin Love, PF UCLA
8. Milwaukee Bucks—Joe Alexander, F West Virginia
9. Charlotte Bobcats—Russell Westbrook, G UCLA
10. New Jersey Nets—Brook Lopez, C Stanford
11. Indiana Pacers—Kosta Koufos, C Ohio State
12. Sacramento Kings—Anthony Randolph, F LSU
13. Portland Trail Blazers—D.J. Augustin, PG Texas
14. Golden State Warriors—Darrell Arthur, PF Kansas
15. Phoenix Suns—Donte’ Green, F Syracuse
16. Philadelphia 76ers—Marreese Speights, PF Florida
17. Indiana Pacers—Brandon Rush, G Kansas
18. Washington Wizards—Roy Hibbert, C Georgetown
19. Cleveland Cavaliers—Mario Chalmers, PG Kansas
20. Charlotte Bobcats—Robin Lopez, C Stanford
21. New Jersey Nets—Nicolas Batum, SF France
22. Orlando Magic—Courtney Lee, SG Western Kentucky
23. Utah Jazz—JaVale McGee, C Nevada
24. Seattle/OKC Sonics—DeAndre Jordan, C Texas A&M
25. Houston Rockets—Jason Thompson, PF Rider
26. San Antonio Spurs—Alexis Ajinca, C France
27. Portland Trail Blazers—Chris Douglas-Roberts, G Memphis
28. Memphis Grizzlies—J.J. Hickson, PF North Carolina St.
29. Detroit Pistons—Ryan Anderson, PF Cal
30. Boston Celtics—Ante Tomic, C Croatia

Steven A. Smith + Renaldo Balkman= Why I Love NBA Draft

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Trade doesn't sound like it will happen, but if it did I think Gordon would have been the pick. WHy would they trade up to get Westbrook, when there is a very real possibility that he could be there at#7?

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