2007 NBA Predraft Camp: Day One

Tue, 05/29/2007 - 7:22pm

By Aran Smith

Orlando, Florida – The 2007 NBA pre-draft camp kicked off today at Disney's Wide World of Sports with a two hour workout of drills and scrimmages. After moans and groans from GMs and scouts last year due to a weak field of players, the NBA took measures to attempt to enhance the talent for this year's camp.

Those measures included limiting official workouts with teams to a much shorter window, and having those workouts begin after the Orlando Predraft camp. But the att[img_assist|nid=3854|title=Disney's Wide World of Sports Milk House|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=330|height=241]empts appear to have been in vain, as the list of players appears to be just as weak as in past years.

Last year's camp produced two first rounders: Jordan Farmer, and Renaldo Balkman. And unfortunately, after a quick look at this year's group, it appears that this year's camp won't be any better.

Some notes after the first night of drills and scrimmages:

Daequan Cook 6-5 210 SG Ohio St. Fr. -- Cook is the one player projected in's first round participating in this year's draft camp. Cook drew a lot of criticism after butting heads with Thad Matta late in the season, apparently playing for himself more than the team, looking for shots instead of getting the ball inside the Buckeye center Greg Oden. Cook is maybe the most intriguing player in camp as his upside is greater than anyone, but whether or not he's ready maturity wise is the question. He had two excellent passes to cutting players while playing in front of the NBA personnel filled stands. He will look to solidify a spot in the first round in the next few days.

Aaron Gray 7-1 280 C Pittsburgh Sr. -- It appears as though he's lost a good 15-20 pounds. He's still a plodder, but he's moving a little better than he was during the season. It's obvious he's put some hard work into losing weight and adding mobility. We'll see how that added cardio translates to his play over the next three days.

Sammy Mejia 6-6 200 PG/SG DePaul Sr. -- Mejia had a strong showing on the first night flushing one dunk in traffic off a nice feed and following that up with a three pointer on the next trip down. His lack of foot speed is still apparent but doesn't seem as glaring, at least after one day. If he continues to play well, he could definitely see his stock rise.

Players who are conspicuously absent from the event:

Sean Williams 6-10 235 PF BC Jr. -- There's absolutely no excuse for this guy not to be here. Unless a team in the late first round has shown a great deal of interest in him and plans on "hiding" him, this move makes absolutely no sense. For a player that has missed over half the season after being suspended by BC, he should be dying to get on the court and show what he can do in this camp. A great performance could have lifted him into the first round. For a player with extreme question marks surrounding his character, not showing up here only hurts his stock.

Nick Fazekas 6-11 240 PF Nevada Sr.  -- Fazekas belongs at the camp. He's considered a likely early to mid second rounder. Had he played well here he might have had a shot to crack the first round. Not showing means a spot in the first round is more difficult.

Glen Davis 6-8 280 PF LSU Jr. -- Davis has signed an agent meaning he's in the draft for good. He is a real long shot for the first round and not even a lock to get drafted at all. All things considered he really should be here, so not showing can only hurt his stock.

Wilson Chandler 6-7 230 SF DePaul So. -- Chandler is considered a likely second round pick. He's got some upside intrigue and could have really vaulted his stock with a solid performance. Not showing up just sends the signal that he has something to hide.

Bubble First Rounders (Not in Attendance)

Alando Tucker 6-5 210 SF Wisconsin Sr. -- Tucker had a strong season but scouts still have question marks regarding his ball skills. A strong performance here could have solidified a spot in the first round.

Morris Almond 6-6 214 SG Rice Sr. -- Almond came last year and showed his stuff nd impressed. He had an excellent season as one of the countries top scorers. He certainly isn't a lock for the first round, so not coming could hurt him some. But having played in the event last year and such a great season makes his absence less questionable.

Arron Afflalo 6-5 215 SG UCLA Jr. -- Afflalo is a bubble first rounder. With the withdrawals of Rush and Hibbert, the late first round has become more attainable. However Afflalo should have taken the lead of teammate Farmar last year at the camp solidifying a spot in the first round.

Marcus Williams 6-7 207 SG Arizona So. -- Williams stock has been on a dramatic decline since the beginning of the season. It's to the point where scouts no longer feel he's a lock for the first round and many consider him a bubble first rounder. A strong performance here would have helped his stock.

Gabe Pruitt 6-4 170 PG USC Jr. -- Pruitt recently signed an agent. He's in a good draft as there aren't many good point guards available and the late first round is weak. However, scouts would have loved to have seen him play in this field. Now he must prove that he's worthy of a first round pick in workouts.

2007 NBA Predraft Camp Rosters

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
33 Mohamed Abukar 53 Mario Boggan 54 Craig Bradshaw
20 Russell Carter 08 Taurean Green
21 Daequan Cook
07 Zabian Dowdell 10 Jared Jordan 60 Caleb Green
76 Herbert Hill 78 Antanas Kavaliauskas 61 Ekene Ibekwe
36 Quinton Hosley 65 Stephane Lasme 29 Dominic James
77 James Hughes 27 Sammy Mejia 62 Joseph Jones
23 Trey Johnson 12 JR Reynolds 26 Ron Lewis
63 Rashad Jones-Jennings 41 Sun Yue 37 Cartier Martin
67 Ivan Radenovic
81 Ali Traore 31 Blake Schilb
80 Chris Richard 84 Major Wingate 17 Dashaun Wood
14 Mustafa Shakur    


Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
03 Aaron Brooks 04 Bobby Brown 74 Ryvon Covile
35 Jared Dudley 55 Coleman Collins 56 Jermareo Davidson
59 Rashaun Freeman 58 Justin Doellman 22 Jeremy Hunt
09 Brandon Heath 75 Aaron Gray 24 Coby Karl
79 Marko Lekic 64 Carl Landry 25 Marcelus Kemp
28 Brad Newley 38 Dominic McGuire 66 James Mays
30 Dustin Salisbery 32 Renaldas Seibutis 39 Demetris Nichols
16 Jamaal Tatum 15 Sean Singletary 13 Ramon Sessions
42 Reyshawn Terry 52 DJ Strawberry 83 Darryl Watkins
68 Anthony Tolliver 40 Curtis Sumpter 44 Avis Wyatt
82 Kyle Visser    

*Physical Only Players

Corey Brewer 6-8 185 SF Florida Jr.
Mike Conley 6-1 180 PG Ohio St. Fr.
Javaris Crittenton 6-5 195 PG G.Tech Fr.
Kevin Durant 6-10 220 SF Texas Fr.
Jeff Green 6-8 235 SF Georgetown Jr.
Spencer Hawes 6-11 250 C Wash. Fr.
Al Horford 6-9 245 PF Florida Jr.
Acie Law 6-3 195 PG Texas A&M Sr.
Josh McRoberts 6-10 240 PF Duke So.
Joakim Noah 6-11 230 PF Florida Jr.
Greg Oden 7-0 250 C Ohio St. Fr.
Jason Smith 7-0 240 PF Colorado St. Jr.
Rodney Stuckey 6-4 205 PG E. Wash. So.
Al Thornton 6-8 220 SF/PF Florida St. Sr.
Brandan Wright 6-10 210 PF UNC Fr.
Julian Wright 6-8 225 SF Kansas So.
Yi Jianlian 7-0 242 PF China 1984
Nick Young 6-6 200 SG USC Jr.
Thaddeus Young 6-8 217 SF GT Fr.

Not Invited:

Adam Haluska 6-5 210 SG Iowa Sr.
DeAngelo Alexander 6-5 215 SG Charlotte Sr.
Lamont Hamilton 6-10 255 PF St. Johns Sr.
Jamon Gordon 6-2 210 PG Va.Tech Sr.

Warren Carter 6-9 220 SF/PF Illinois Sr.
Ian Vouyoukas 6-10 267 C St. Louis Sr.
Mike Jones 6-5 204 SG Maryland Sr.
Engin Atsur 6-3 200 PG NC State Sr.
Loren Stokes 6-3 180 PG Hofstra Sr.

Jarrius Jackson 6-1 185 PG Tex. Tech Sr.

Ayinde Ubaka 6-4 188 PG California Sr.
Courtney Sims 6-10 245 PF Michigan Sr.
Terrence Roberts 6-9 228 PF Syracuse Sr.
Jahsha Bluntt 6-5 220 SG Delaware St. Sr.

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