2004 Traded Picks

First Rounders
Atlanta receives a future Milwaukee first-round pick. via Detroit (Rasheed Wallace trade 021904) , via Denver (Rodney White trade 100102) (2004 top 15 protected, 2005-indefinite top 13 protected. via (Alek Radojevic trade 102201)
Boston receives Dallas' 2004 first-round pick. (Antoine Walker trade 102003)
Boston receives Detroit's 2004 first-round pick. (Rasheed Wallace trade 021904)
Charlotte Bobcats receive the fourth pick in the 2004 NBA draft. Traded to LA Clippers with 33rd pick (and agreed to select predrag Drobniak in Expansion draft) for 2nd pick.
Chicago receives Phoenix's (7th) 2004 first-round pick for their second round pick and a future first round pick.(062304)
Dallas received Washington's (5th) 2004 first round pick plus Christian Laettner and Jerry Stackhouse for Antawn Jamison
Minnesota loses it's first-round selection in the 2004 season (Joe Smith, illegal contract dealings) (2003 and 2005 picks reinstated) (NBA retracted Minnesota's first-round draft picks in 2001, 2002 and 2004 for salary cap violations)
Portland receives Memphis' 2004 (conditional) first-round pick (Bonzi Wells trade 120303)
Utah receives New York first-round pick (Keon Clark trade 021904) via Phoenix (Stephon Marbury trade 010504)
Utah receives a future Phoenix first-round pick (Keon Clark trade 021904)

Second Rounders

Atlanta receives Philadelphia's 2004 second round pick. (Efthimios Rentzias trade 062602)
*Note Philadelphia received their 2006 second-rounder back from Atlanta in the Glenn Robinson trade.
Charlotte receive Milwaukee's 2004 second round pick (Pachulia trade 062204)
Chicago receives Toronto's 2004 second-round pick. (Bonner trade 062603)
Dallas receives a 2004 Denver second-round pick. (Xue Yuyang trade 062603) via Denver receives a future Houston second-round pick. (Posey trade 121802)
Houston receives a 2004 Utah second-round pick and a conditional second-round pick. (Glen Rice trade 093003) via Utah receives a Sacramento second-round picks (Keon Clark trade 080503)
Memphis receives Denver's 2004 second-round pick (Gooden/Miller trade 021903) via Orlando (Reid 080102)
Miami receives Dallas 2004 second-round pick (Hardaway trade 082201)
Orlando receives Phoenix's 2004 second-round pick (Harvey 122303)
Philadelphia receives an Orlando 2004 second round pick (Monty Williams 122303)
Sacramento receives a future Utah 2004 second-round pick (Keon Clark trade 080503)
San Antonio receives a Memphis 2004 second-round pick (Gordan Giricek trade 062802)
Seattle receives LA Clippers 2004 second-round pick (Unknown)
Toronto receives Cleveland's 2004 second-round pick (Lamond Murray trade 092502)

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