2003 Traded Picks

First Rounders
Atlanta receives Indiana's 2003 first-round pick (top 15 protected) (2004-2006 top 13 protected, 2007 unprotected) (Jamaal Tinsley trade 062701)
Boston receives a 2003 Philadelphia first-round pick (lottery protected thru 2007) (Jerome Moiso trade 080301)
Detroit receives a future Sacramento first-round pick (2005-2008) (Cleaves trade 090701)
Detroit receives Memphis' first-round pick in 2003 (top 1 protected), or 2004 (no protection). (Thorpe trade 080797)
Memphis receives Houston's 2003 first-round pick (Francis trade 082299)
Memphis receives an Orlando 2003 first-round pick (Gooden/Miller trade 021903) via Orlando receives a 2003 Sacramento first-round pick, lottery protected indefinitely. (Nick Anderson 080399)
Milwaukee receives a 2003 first-round pick from Atlanta. (top 3 protected thru 2006) Milwaukee receives the higher of Atlanta's two first-round picks in 2003 (Atlanta's own and possibly Indiana's). (Glenn Robinson Trade 080202)
Seattle receives Milwaukee's first round pick (conditional) or 2 2003 second rounders. (Gary Payton trade 022003)

Second Rounders

Atlanta receives a 2003 or 2004 Orlando second-round pick (Johnson trade 022400)
Denver receives a 2003 Boston second-round pick (Shammond Williams trade 022003)
Detroit receives San Antonio's 2003 second-round pick. (Menk Bateer trade 100302)
Lakers exercised the right to swap second round picks with Toronto. (Rush trade 062602)
Miami receives a Detroit 2003 second-round pick. (Ceballos trade 112600)
Milwaukee receives Memphis' 2003 second-round pick. (Chris Owens trade 062602)
New York receives Denver's 2003 second-round pick (Nene Hilario trade 062602)
Chicago receives Phoenix's 2003 second-round pick (Samake trade 103001)
***Detroit is not owed a pick by Toronto:

In 2001, Orlando had an option to take a pick from Phoenix, which was the 18th overall selection. However, Orlando also owed Houston a pick. The pick was top-17 protected for Orlando and it stipulated that if either their own pick or a pick from Phoenix dropped out of the top-17, it would automatically go to Houston. This did happen and Orlando was likely going to take the pick and pay their debit to Houston. Anyway, before Orlando's deadline to take Phoenix's pick, the Vancouver Grizzlies had a deadline to acquire a pick that was in the top-18 to send to Detroit or the protection on their own pick would become very small (2002- top-5 protected, 2003- top-1 protected, 2004- unprotected.). Detroit got nervous that when Houston received the pick, they would send it to Vancouver, who would then send it to Detroit. So, Detroit and Orlando made a deal. Orlando wouldn't make their decision to take Phoenix's pick until after the Grizzlies deadline and in excange, Detroit would give Orlando back the pick that they sent to Toronto and Detroit had acquired at the trade deadline. This happened. So, in the end, Orlando got that pick back and now Detroit figures to benefit greatly from a high draft pick either this year or next.

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